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A vertical hanger made by combining three small Hessian sacks is ideal for hanging in various locations within the house, as well as being suitable for caravans and campervans.

These vertical hangers appear stunning when filled with a variety of plant pots, including herbs, flowers, succulents, ferns, and many others.


10cm/4" plant pots available from your local nursery, markets and supermarkets will slip perfectly into the pockets.


We suggest the use of a pot saucer under the plant pot. A recycling option is to cut down the plastic milk bottle or food container to place under the plant pot. 


Size: To fit 10cm/ 4" plant pots

Pocket measurement - Approx. 18cm wide x 15 cm high

 Length - approx. 1 meter long

 Materials:  Hessian and jute webbing



Designed & Handmade on the Sunshine Coast by Sharyn Cook.

Vertical Plant Hanger - 11mm pot size pockets

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